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Robert (Kevin) Mahan


What did you do last night?

I went to the movies with my wife.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Two eggs, toast and glass of water.

How many hours a night do you sleep?


What is your favorite hour of the day/night and why is it your favorite?

My favorite hour is waking up next to my wife.

Where do you live now?


Why did you move there?

We liked the location, within 10 minutes from both of our jobs.

Do you like living there? Explain.

We love it out here. The people are very friendly.

What did you do in the years right after high school?

I went to BC for awhile, then I started working full time.  I got a job playing bass full time at The Funny Farm, so I quit my day job. After that I went back to work for my brother in his cabinet shop.

Tell us about your family? Kids? Spouses? Lovers? Partners? Divorces?

I have been married to my wife for almost 13 years. We don’t have any children. Time seemed to run away from us.

Do you have a job outside of your home?

Yes, I now am back working for my brother. I left a few years ago and went to work for Pacific Bell. Then my brother was diagnosed with valley fever and nearly died, so I left Pac Bell to be back with my family.

Do you like your job?


Is it the job you thought you would have when you were back in High School and you contemplated the future?

No, I wanted to be a airline pilot.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

I would love to be a studio musician in LA or Nashville.

What was your happiest day last year?

My wedding anniversary.

What is your biggest regret from the last 20 years?

I regret that I didn’t spend enough time with my grandparents.

Do you miss high school? What things do you miss about it?

I don’t miss high school, however, I do miss all my friends from school.

What is one of your favorite memories from high school?

Getting caught by Mr. Slagel at Winchel’s, and him not turning me in.

What is one of your worst memories from high school?

Must have blocked it out..

Who were your best friends in high school?

I didn’t really have a best friend, I hung out with a lot of different people.

Have you kept in touch with them?

I have kept in touch with some of them, but I have lost touch with most.

How is your life different than the life you thought you would have after high school?

I always thought that I would have had kids.

Who was your favorite teacher?

Mr Slagel

What was the biggest life lesson you learned in high school?

Don’t take anything for granted.

Who was your favorite pop music band in high school?

It’s too hard to narrow it down. I was into everything from Buck Owens to Led Zepplin.

Why do you want to attend a high school reunion?

I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. I am also very excited about the opportunity to entertain all my classmates.

Why do you NOT want to attend a high school reunion?

I have gained a lot of weight since high school.

Are you nervous about attending your high school reunion? Explain.


Do you like answering these questions?

I don’t mind it.

Do you have any tattoos? What are they?


What is your favorite food?


Are your parents still alive? How are they doing?

My parents are still alive. They divorced in 69, and my dad re-married and he and my step mom live in San Bernardino. My mother still lives here in B-town.

Are you happy with the way you look these days? Please explain.

NO…. I gained about 80lbs, and my hair is getting grayer by the minute.

If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?

I would by a little house in Ventura.

Are you religious? Spiritual? Agnostic? Is there a God?

I am spirtual

What do you watch on TV?

I love NCIS, and 24

What are your all-time favorite movies?

Crossroads (Not the Brittany Spears one) and any Dirty Harry movie,

In what ways have you changed the most from high school?

I am more self confident.

In what ways are you the same from high school?

I still like to have to have fun.

Tell us about three of your happiest experiences since leaving high school.

  • The day I met my wife
  • The day I got married
  • Hearing a song that I co-wrote, and recorded on the radio

What do you like most about yourself?

My sense of humor

What would you most like to change?

I would like to be a better listener.

Do you talk on your cellphone while driving?

I try not to as much as possible, but sometimes it can’t be avoided.

Tell us something that very few people know about you.

When I was 20, I moved in with my 33year old girlfriend.

What would you like to happen at the reunion? What would leave you satisfied? What do you NOT want to happen at the reunion?

I want to get up and Rock n Roll.

Did you enjoy answering these questions?


Tell us something interesting about yourself that wasn't covered in the above questions.

My wife and I also do paranormal investigations.