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Debby Long

(above Debby Long with her brother Mark)


What did you do last night?

Watched t.v.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Quaker Oat Squares cereal (with a hint of brown sugar!)

How many hours a night do you sleep?

8, if I have the chance!

What is your favorite hour of the day/night and why is it your favorite?

8 a.m. because everyone’s off to work and school but me!

Where do you live now?

Bakersfield, Olive Dr. area.

Why did you move there?

It’s nicer than the east side of town, ha!

Do you like living there? Explain.

I love it!  I was in Modesto for 5 years and missed my family terribly.  I was so lonely there!  We finally moved back last year in June. 

What did you do in the years right after high school?

Some college, way too much drinking, more college, moved to Davis for a year, did more drinking, came back here for more college, more drinking.  Yes, this is Debby Long!  I guess I was making up for all those years in high school when I did no wrong.  I’m glad those days are over!  Hmmm… are you wondering which days I’m talking about?

Tell us about your family? Kids? Spouses? Lovers? Partners? Divorces?

I am married to a chemistry teacher from B.C. named Mike Daniel 12 years ago.  We have a beautiful, brilliant daughter named Allison (Alli).  She’s 9 and is the best thing I’ve ever done!

Do you have a job outside of your home?

Boy, what a p-c way to ask THAT question!  Nope, I don’t work.  I do watch my sister’s 2 kids after school 3 days a week.  One of them is Alli’s age, the other is 5. 

Do you like your job?

Love it!

Is it the job you thought you would have when you were back in High School and you contemplated the future?

No way!  I never thought I’d be a stay at home mom.  Not in a million years.  I thought I’d be at Longs forever.  Thank God I left that place!  I did work there for about 18 years though.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

A book editor.

What was your happiest day last year?

When I moved back to Bakersfield.  Ya’ll are probably thinking I’m crazy!

What is your biggest regret from the last 20 years?

I regret that I didn’t finish college before having a baby.  I tried pharmacy school when I was in Modesto, but the commute to Stockton and the toll it took on my family was too much.  Now I’ll have to wait until Alli is older and more independent.  Well, I don’t HAVE to wait, but I’m going to.

Do you miss high school? What things do you miss about it?


What is one of your favorite memories from high school?

Senior year, choir tour to the beach.  We hid wine coolers in our ice chest and drank them on the bus.  I don’t think the alcohol made it fun; it was the excitement of getting away with it!

What is one of your worst memories from high school?

Not getting to play in Arsenic and Old Lace.  I didn’t even get to audition for it because our teacher didn’t think I could pull off the “sincerely nice” bit (ouch!).  It sounds trivial now, but it’s the only thing I could think of.  It must have made an impression, huh?

Who were your best friends in high school?

Lora Bryant and Melissa O’neal

Have you kept in touch with them?

Not Melissa, but definitely with Lora!

How is your life different than the life you thought you would have after high school?

Like I said earlier, I never thought I’d stay home all day and have the chance (or the inclination) to volunteer places.

Who was your favorite teacher?

I was crazy for Mr. Lapp!  As far a teaching goes, though, I’d say I always liked Mrs. Turner.

What was the biggest life lesson you learned in high school?

Just because someone calls you “friend” doesn’t make it so.

Who was your favorite pop music band in high school?

I wasn’t allowed to listen to pop music!  Sad, huh?

Why do you want to attend a high school reunion?

I think it will be fun to catch up with everyone and see what they’re doing now.

Why do you NOT want to attend a high school reunion?

I’m a little afraid of being scrutinized, but I’ll get over it!

Are you nervous about attending your high school reunion? Explain.

See above.

Do you like answering these questions?

They kinda make you think.  Hmmm…is that an answer?

Do you have any tattoos? What are they?


What is your favorite food?


Are your parents still alive? How are they doing?

Yes, they are doing great!  Both are retired and they are still in love!  Awwww….

Are you happy with the way you look these days? Please explain.

For the most part.  I could do without some of those flabby places!

If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?

Pay off my house, travel, and probably help out a few of my relatives. 

Are you religious? Spiritual? Agnostic? Is there a God?

Of course there’s a God!  Yes, I’m religious, but not like I was in high school.  In those days I was judgmental of people.  Now I’ve learned from life that all have sinned and nobody’s perfect!  Especially not me!

What do you watch on TV?

Too much!  Mark turned me on to Days of Our Lives, thanks a lot Mark!  I also watch Grey’s Anatomy, CSI, DH, Survivor, and a few others.

What are your all-time favorite movies?

Beaches, Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias, The Notebook, and Die Hard 1,2, and 3.  I could watch any of those over and over.

In what ways have you changed the most from high school?

I’m way more forgiving than I used to be. 

In what ways are you the same from high school?

I still like to sing.

Tell us about three of your happiest experiences since leaving high school.

Having my daughter (well, not the actual childbirth; that was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced!).

Getting into UOP pharmacy school.

Leaving UOP pharmacy school.

What do you like most about yourself?

I think I’m a good mom and try to be a good role model.

What would you most like to change?

I’d like to be more active and watch less t.v.

Do you talk on your cellphone while driving?


Tell us something that very few people know about you.

I was very mean to my brother Mark while we were in school.  I think it had something to do with me judging him.  At the time, I didn’t even realize how awful I was.  Now, we’re the best of friends!

What would you like to happen at the reunion? What would leave you satisfied? What do you NOT want to happen at the reunion?

I’d just like to have fun.  I’d like to apologize to someone.  I would hate it if he weren’t there.

Did you enjoy answering these questions?

Enjoy?  Well, that’s going a little far…

Tell us something interesting about yourself that wasn't covered in the above questions.

Sorry, I’m boring.