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What did you do last night?

Went to the Gym and then went to a lounge and met some friends..

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

A glass of tang …not hungry in the morning.

How many hours a night do you sleep?


What is your favorite hour of the day/night and why is it your

9am to watch Regis and Kelly on my days off.

Where do you live now?


Why did you move there?

Absolutely no idea..I lived here twice and also San Jose for 4 years.

Do you like living there? Explain.

Yes, I like small towns.

What did you do in the years right after high school?

Too much to type...I'll tell you at the reunion…

Tell us about your family? Kids? Spouses? Lovers? Partners? Divorces?

You tell me first LOL …I had a partner for 11 years (the first 2 years were good ) LOL .

Do you have a job outside of your home?

Well besides making millions since inventing post-its...yes I sale Real Estate.

Do you like your job?

Love it...

Is it the job you thought you would have when you were back in High School and you contemplated the future?

I never thought I'd have to work….Power Ball Baby…kidding.

If you could have any job in the world what would it be?

Pro tennis player and win Wimbledom..

What was your happiest day last year?

Every day above ground is my happiest.

What is your biggest regret from the last 20 years?

Staying in a relationship I wasn't happy in .

Do you miss high school? What things do you miss about it?

Just the carefree attitude of the 80's…

What is one of your favorite memories from high school?

Scott and Jim Martinis Mom taking us to Foothill so we would know where all our classes would be …Their Mom was the Bomb …So is Cameron Parsons Mom, she is like my 2nd Mom.

What is one of your worst memories from high school?

Don't have any.

Who were your best friends in high school?

Cameron, scott and Jim...Lisa Tolman...Sandy Presson...Jeff Rangle .

Have you kept in touch with them?

Not really ..I try …Cameron yes we have been friends for 31 years …When I was 8 my Mom wouldn't let me hangout with Cameron ,she said he always got me in trouble …Funny cause I was good at finding trouble all on my own.

How is your life different than the life you thought you would have after high school?

My sister's accident threw my life in a curve and so I have no idea.

Who was your favorite teacher?

Mrs Anderson at Chipman Jr. High...She was a nice lady and she was kind and I remember kid's being mean to her so I was extra nice to her . yah she did ramble though that is true.. But I liked her ...She continued to come and see me at Mexicali West when I was a waiter there from 89 to 92.

What was the biggest life lesson you learned in high school?

We all put our pants on the same way..

Who was your favorite pop music band in high school?

Duran Duran, Psychodelic Furs, Flock of Seagulls and Adam Ant. Also Prince .

Why do you want to attend a high school reunion?

See my old friends.

Why do you NOT want to attend a high school reunion?

No reasons.

Are you nervous about attending your high school reunion? Explain.

No, not at all.

Do you like answering these questions?

It feels a little narcissistic.

Do you have any tattoos? What are they?

No, I'm real vanilla.

What is your favorite food?

Prime Rib Med Rare.

Are your parents still alive? How are they doing?

My Mom is only 58 and she looks very young still and we are very close ..My Dad and I don't speak and haven't in 16 years ever since Myra's car accident (He's a real SOB)...

Are you happy with the way you look these days? Please explain.

No complaints, sure I'd like a nose job, tummy tuck, butt lift, brow lift and a mini face lift as well as a few other minor things (who wouldn't)...LOL

If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?

Take Myra and my Mom on a cruise around the world.

Are you religious? Spiritual? Agnostic? Is there a God?

Spiritual...You don't need a church to find God.

What do you watch on TV?

GSN all the time Matchgame 74...With Gene Rayburn and Charles Nelson Riley.

What are your all-time favorite movies?

Scary movie 2 Hilarious...Silence of the Lambs. Color Purple and Body Double with Melanie Griffith.

In what ways have you changed the most from high school?

Thinner skin and less hair…

In what ways are you the same from high school?

My attitude.

Tell us about three of your happiest experiences since leaving high school.

Being in Paris New Years Eve 2000...Going to Guatemala and
Costa Rica. Love to travel...

What do you like most about yourself?

My dumb ass humor .

What would you most like to change?

Oh where to start...LOL

Do you talk on your cellphone while driving?

Yes, because I'm a gemini I am one of the few who can talk on the phone and smoke and drink all while driving...being extra careful not to spill my Vodka.

Tell us something that very few people know about you.

I have a sensitive side.

What would you like to happen at the reunion? What would leave you satisfied? What do you NOT want to happen at the reunion?

A kewl hook up would be great. A fresh donut or a cigarette. Least to happen??? A race riot.

Did you enjoy answering these questions?


Tell us something interesting about yourself that wasn't covered in the above questions.

Ask me at the reunion. Peace(: