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Tonya Abernathy (Phillips)


We're waiting on a 1986 picture.

Don't be shy Tonya! LOL



What did you do last night?
cleaned my office
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
How many hours a night do you sleep?
What is your favorite hour of the day/night and why is it your favorite?
9am, I'm usually on my treadmill
Where do you live now?
Fremont. Ohio
Why did you move there?
spent my summers here with my grandparents and loved it
Do you like living there? Explain.
yes! I love thunderstorms, snow, the changing of the leaves and the smell of rain
What did you do in the years right after high school?
Got married at 16, had 2 children by 18, so I guess you can say I had a huge brain fart!
Tell us about your family? Kids? Spouses? Lovers? Partners? Divorces?
Divorced at 19, 2 children, remarried at 25, now have 3 grandchildren and twins on the way
Do you have a job outside of your home?
No, involved in volunteer work and the ministry, going to Bible College
Do you like your job?
Love it!!
Is it the job you thought you would have when you were back in High School and you contemplated the future?
No, me and Kandy Huckaby were going to run off to Hollywood and become stars!
If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
Exactly what I'm doing
What was your happiest day last year?
when my grandson Jayce was born
What is your biggest regret from the last 20 years?
Nothing. Everything I've went through has brought me to who I am today, wouldn't trade it for nothing
Do you miss high school? What things do you miss about it?
What is one of your favorite memories from high school?
football games
What is one of your worst memories from high school?
catching my first love with someone else
Who were your best friends in high school?
Kandy Huckaby
Have you kept in touch with them?
How is your life different than the life you thought you would have after high school?
Well, I'm not a famous singer, but i do sing at church
Who was your favorite teacher?
The only teacher I remember was Mr. Minear and I think he was always dating jail bait!
What was the biggest life lesson you learned in high school?
I don't think I learned anything until I hit 30
Who was your favorite pop music band in high school?
I loved rock (van halen, def leppard)
Why do you want to attend a high school reunion?
to see all my old friends
Why do you NOT want to attend a high school reunion?
I still have 20 lbs to lose
Are you nervous about attending your high school reunion? Explain.
not really, more excited
Do you like answering these questions?
Do you have any tattoos? What are they?
one on my right ankle, a rose with my kids name in it
What is your favorite food?
Are your parents still alive? How are they doing?
my mom still works at the pantry on brundage and my stepdad passed away 2 yrs ago
Are you happy with the way you look these days? Please explain.
lets just say plastic surgery is just around the corner, but ya I feel great
If you won the lottery what would you do with the money?
pay off debts, donate and start a christian bookstore/recording concert hall
Are you religious? Spiritual? Agnostic? Is there a God?
religious..no saved yes couldn't live without HIM, He is the air that I breathe
What do you watch on TV?
reality tv junkie, love friends and the king of queens
What are your all-time favorite movies?
of course..dirty dancing, pretty woman, the notebook and anything with Mel Gibson...whoooo
In what ways have you changed the most from high school?
well, i don't smoke pot at the water tower anymore..that says it all
In what ways are you the same from high school?
I always pushed the envelope, still do
What do you like most about yourself?
The person that I've become
What would you most like to change?
I really don't know
Do you talk on your cellphone while driving?
who doesn't?
Tell us something that very few people know about you.
my life is an open book
What would you like to happen at the reunion? What would leave you satisfied? What do you NOT want to happen at the reunion?
anything goes (well not anything, as long as all clothes stay on, we are pushing 40, I know what my body looks like, how about yours)?
Did you enjoy answering these questions?
Tell us something interesting about yourself that wasn't covered in the above questions.
I'm a simple girl leading a simple life